June Prayer Letter

June prayer letter


We are still under lockdown, as most of Latin America is. Even though it seems the whole world is having a difficult time holding church services right now, we still beg you to pray with us that the Lord would open doors in Latin America. We haven’t had an assembled church service since March. The Colombian government has postponed making any decisions on renovating these assembling liberties until September the 1st.

We look very much forward to the day that we finally have the freedom we need to get together and worship the Lord. Even though we have restrictions on physical meetings, that has in
no way limited our online services or daily devotionals. We know and believe that all things work together for good to them that love God. He is faithful to work for our good despite government restrictions, and we praise Him for that!


On may 20, my pastor, Austin Gardner, was rushed to the hospital because of the corona virus. Not long after he was sedated and intubated, and up until today he is still sedated but doing much better than he was when he arrived at the hospital, praise the Lord! Today he was able to open his eyes and respond to people by shaking his head. This was the first time he had been conscious in over a week, wonderful news! He is still intubated, but we are praying that soon he will be able to breathe enough on his own to change that. Please continue to pray with us for our pastor.


Many Venezuelans are trying to get back to Venezuela because
of the quarantine. They originally left because of the difficult
situation happening in their country. Sadly, as we drive down
the road, we see scores of Venezuelans on the streets. Please
pray with us for these suffering people but most importantly for
their souls.