This is a joyous update! After many months of praying and patiently waiting, God has opened the doors in His own timing. Colombia will end the lockdown and start to open come mid-September!

Land transportation will be allowed. Restaurants and, most importantly, churches will be welcomed to open their doors again with restrictions. This is incredibly exciting news. Our last physical church service was in March of this year. With every passing Sunday, our anticipation for this day grew. How excited the congregation and I are to finally have fellowship together again! There is still one request we have on our hearts. Although liberties are being restored to us, if the amount of Covid-19 cases spikes in September, the doors will close once more. Please keep this request in your prayers as we prepare to open the church doors and worship our God as an assembly of believers! Our Lord deserves all the praise! We have believed in His great faithfulness throughout all of this. Mariangela and I are so ready to reunite with our Colombian brothers and sisters. I leave you with a picture of our beloved city, Medellin. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Thank you very much for praying for us.

Thank you also for your sacrificial support of the ministry. 
You can send support and prayer requests to us at:
Vision Baptist Missions
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Return to Colombia exists to glorify God. Through the establishment of biblical churches By equipping and mobilizing indigenous Churches and missionaries in the least
Evangelized areas of the Colombia.