September Prayer Letter

September prayer letter


God has opened so many doors in Colombia this month and we are thrilled! As you may have read in our weekly update, churches have been allowed to reopen! So many long weeks passed in which the date for this awaited news to be announced seemed to slip further away. But now, this liberty to worship God in an assembly together has been restored to us. God deserves all the praise. We cannot thank you enough for your support, encouragement, prayers, and friendship during these trying months. God has taught us to rely even more heavily on him and his timings. Several members of the congregation have reached out to me, expressing their joy and excitement to resume church services together. There is nothing we have wanted more than this.


Although freedoms are being given, there are still extremely strict protocols which we must follow in order to open the doors and keep them open. We
are currently working on everything that the government here is asking us to do. As always, there is paperwork to be done and approvals needed in various steps that must be taken. We ask your prayers so that all of the requirements needed to reopen will be approved by the government. Another one of the requirements is that no more than fifty people are allowed to attend a service at once. Our biggest request is that not a single person in our congregation would be infected with Covid-19. If that were to happen, we would be closed down once again. We are incredibly thankful for what seems to be the answer to all the prayers we asked of you. God is tremendously gracious and merciful with us. We know that his plans are always the best of plans. 

Please pray for the situation we are now facing as we pray for all the churches States-side that are dealing with the repercussions of this pandemic. This is a photo of our last meeting before lockdown. Lord willing we will see this again in the near future. God is good to us!

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